Create Each Week: 36

Got creative this week. Here’s what I made:

Added the bounce track I made a few weeks back to the dance break for City That Care Forgot. In my mind, the main character is just drifting through all the various characters he’s bound to run into in the French Quarter. That doesn’t preclude him from twerking, amirite?

Had a good idea for a premise that I can write several jokes that either call back to it or is an over-arching theme of a bigger set. Listed about 15 different ideas that I can connect together, so that’s easily 20-30min right there if I flesh it out & clean and tighten.

Made a campaign video for Tammy Savoie & health of Louisiana. Hint - it’s awful, especially for poor people and people of color. Leave it to a real pro like me to give people hope at the end of the video to make change.