Create Each Week: 9

Agh, more Carnival. I started a github project for building a neural network that can try to predict Powerball numbers. Mainly because 1) I want to learn some neural network frameworks (Java is easier for me), and 2) I want to test how a neural network will perform when trying to predict what should be random numbers. It’s no better than the random numbers that quick picks make.

I scraped the list of winning numbers here, but only from October 7th, 2015 (last time they changed the number ranges). From there, I made a file that has one week’s numbers along with the next week’s numbers for training the network, then testing to verify its accuracy (or lack thereof).

Anyway, click here to see the project in github. I’ll make a post once it’s actually working and I can feed it a set of numbers, and it’ll try to predict the next batch.