Create Each Week

I usually make some goal each year instead of resolutions. Some have been lofty, whole others have been somewhat ambitious (only took me 2 years to put out the album). However, it's been a little difficult to perform as much with the arrival of my daughter. But just because I can't go to a bar for 2.5 hours to perform a 3min set on front of 12 people doesn't mean I can't still be creative.

So this year, I want to just set a goal of creating SOMETHING each week. Could be a joke, a couple of chords in FL Studio, a meme, whatever. I find that being a father is already creating these new experiences and feelings that are the perfect seeds for inspiration. I don't want to limit myself to creative outlets that take time away from my family, but I don't want to lose that ability to express myself.

So feel free to see that crazy random shit I make this year. Who knows what I'll create?