It's been 35 years since Seymour Krelborn was on the cover of Life Magazine. In a matter of weeks, the world was infested with Audrey Twos, and with it, massive deaths. It's been only seven years since humanity collectively started avoiding the plants rather than trying to fight them. In that time, the amount of living pods has plummeted, with some pretending to be dead and eating the less cautious. Today it was announced that the population of Audrey Twos has reached "extinction" level, with only a handful living in controlled environments.

For decades, "Krelborn" has carried with it the stigma of the near destruction of our species. Cities decimated, millions dead. In that time, however, the amount of carbon absorbed by the leafy monsters stopped the precipitous pace of global warning. Urban reductions caused massive amounts of CO2 levels to fall without the massive amounts of gas-powered cars on the road. Coastal cities no longer fear flooding or being eaten alive by a plant.

In a way, Krelborn might have saved the planet.