Create Each Week: 4

So I’ve been toying around with a ton of ideas for DJing, making remixes, sampling, etc. Lot of stupid ideas, lot of fun ideas but way out of my skill range (as of now).

Anyway, I wanted to get into what it would take to do this. My friend Kaye the Beast has a track from his album SALT that I thought could fit in with “She Drives Me Crazy” from Fine Young Cannibals, so I threw this together in 15min:

Not terrible, right??? Granted, I did this in Final Cut Pro X (a video editing program) instead of something where I can better equalize the audio mix, but still it works.

I also started slowing creating playlists for me to eventually start mixing together to make some DJ sets. I probably won’t actually get into the mixing part until I get a controller (spoiler alert: won’t happen until we move later this year), but at the very least I can get familiar with controller software like Digital DJ or Serato.

Create Each Week: 1

Ok, so I set my goal of creating something each week mid-week, so not much to report on.

* I watched a video about Machine Learning (ML) in 3D animation. There's a particular part where he describes ML spitting out a bunch of objects based on some parameters, which enables him to pick from a set rather than build from scratch. 

I thought this was a pretty clever way to leverage ML as something to seed inspiration and to make the creative process more efficient by reducing how much time/effort is spent on dicking around with ideas and jump right into creation. This gave me a good starting point. 

Google's ML library TensorFlow is pretty cool, but it's still way over my head in terms of building stuff, but their Magenta library is awesome. There is a Generate app they built to spit out random MIDI tracks based on parameters given, so I made a bunch of variations for melody and beats. From there, I just started trying to find ones that I like. There's a few that are just straight tones, some are just the scales. But there's a few that are the seeds of something worth pursuing.

So, this week, I created some FL Studio files with these random clips generated by Magenta and started building up a melodies folder and a beats folder. Hopefully I can make a small library to reference for inspiration or fills.