Create Each Week: 14

Oh man, “Poppin Into Pies” is REAL dumb, but I think it’s the funny kind of dumb, right?

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So this was the first time I’ve ever worked with sampling a song, and it was a bit of a challenge. I got some inspiration from watching Rhythm Roulette on Youtube - here’s one with Mannie Fresh.

For starters, “Worst Pies in London” is a fucking WEIRD song. There’s no instrumental portions of the song at all. Everytime the vocals stop, there’s a large orchestra hit, then she picks back up singing. So during the chorus of the track, the music you here is the very end where she’s holding out a note with some slight vibrato slowed town and compressed a bit. After that, I tried to find a few small clips to use. The obvious one is “popping pussies into pies” that’s the whole premise of the joke, but I wanted a few other hits. The “pop” was an easy choice, but there’s also this gasp that she does towards the beginning that I thought would add some hits every once in a while.

Because there’s no clean instrumental sample, I had to reinforce the main chord of the sample, so there’s a string that plays the chord during the verses. After that, it’s just some 808s, bass, snare, hi hats, etc. Nothing special.

I’m still relatively new to producing (this is probably my 9th or 10th song producing) and I clearly suck at mixing. So I’ll have to get better at that. Also Alex Wallace still has my microphone (yeah, I called him out!), so I had to use a lav mic to record the vocals while my daughter was sleeping in the other room. I could have spent time making those better, but honestly why would I invest time into improving the vocal quality of a rap about fucking pies?

Overall, it was fun and silly. That’s the whole point of this Create Each Week challenge - be creative, learn stuff, and enjoy myself.

Create Each Week: 4

So I’ve been toying around with a ton of ideas for DJing, making remixes, sampling, etc. Lot of stupid ideas, lot of fun ideas but way out of my skill range (as of now).

Anyway, I wanted to get into what it would take to do this. My friend Kaye the Beast has a track from his album SALT that I thought could fit in with “She Drives Me Crazy” from Fine Young Cannibals, so I threw this together in 15min:

Not terrible, right??? Granted, I did this in Final Cut Pro X (a video editing program) instead of something where I can better equalize the audio mix, but still it works.

I also started slowing creating playlists for me to eventually start mixing together to make some DJ sets. I probably won’t actually get into the mixing part until I get a controller (spoiler alert: won’t happen until we move later this year), but at the very least I can get familiar with controller software like Digital DJ or Serato.

Create Each Week: 1

Ok, so I set my goal of creating something each week mid-week, so not much to report on.

* I watched a video about Machine Learning (ML) in 3D animation. There's a particular part where he describes ML spitting out a bunch of objects based on some parameters, which enables him to pick from a set rather than build from scratch. 

I thought this was a pretty clever way to leverage ML as something to seed inspiration and to make the creative process more efficient by reducing how much time/effort is spent on dicking around with ideas and jump right into creation. This gave me a good starting point. 

Google's ML library TensorFlow is pretty cool, but it's still way over my head in terms of building stuff, but their Magenta library is awesome. There is a Generate app they built to spit out random MIDI tracks based on parameters given, so I made a bunch of variations for melody and beats. From there, I just started trying to find ones that I like. There's a few that are just straight tones, some are just the scales. But there's a few that are the seeds of something worth pursuing.

So, this week, I created some FL Studio files with these random clips generated by Magenta and started building up a melodies folder and a beats folder. Hopefully I can make a small library to reference for inspiration or fills.