It's been 35 years since Seymour Krelborn was on the cover of Life Magazine. In a matter of weeks, the world was infested with Audrey Twos, and with it, massive deaths. It's been only seven years since humanity collectively started avoiding the plants rather than trying to fight them. In that time, the amount of living pods has plummeted, with some pretending to be dead and eating the less cautious. Today it was announced that the population of Audrey Twos has reached "extinction" level, with only a handful living in controlled environments.

For decades, "Krelborn" has carried with it the stigma of the near destruction of our species. Cities decimated, millions dead. In that time, however, the amount of carbon absorbed by the leafy monsters stopped the precipitous pace of global warning. Urban reductions caused massive amounts of CO2 levels to fall without the massive amounts of gas-powered cars on the road. Coastal cities no longer fear flooding or being eaten alive by a plant.

In a way, Krelborn might have saved the planet. 


Create Each Week: 5

Sleep training went way the hell better than expected. So much so that it’s the parents that need to adjust to the sleep schedule. Anyway, getting some time to write in the evenings. Wrote a little bit more on a song for my musical adaptation of A Confederacy of Dunces. The song is from the perspective of Mrs. Reilly thinking about her son. One of the challenges with adapting something is that you need to make the justifications for the character that may not be in the source material. Ignatius is such an an awful human being, he's the opposite of Paddington, who like Ignatius does not have a character arc, but makes those around him make the hero's journey. Paddington inspires change in those around him through optimism and support. Ignatius prevents change in those around him through his negativity and criticism.

Mrs Reilly putting up with Ignatius' bullshit is the flaw she overcomes in the very end once she's damn hear lost everything. So I want some foreshadowing towards the beginning, but also justify why she allows him to treat her the way he does. I decided to do a song about the son she hoped he'd be. I’s fun to take these feelings of being a new parent and give the audience that experience. See the innocent baby that Ignatius was, wonder about what he'll grow up to be. And now that he's the monster of the man he is, do we want her to realize she went wrong somewhere? Even realize that something's wrong with him?

So, this week I created some concepts and ideas for a song in a musical adaptation, and a few phrases that stuck out, like "Spent years praying that they'll be what you want them to be instead of spending time to be there for them". I'll need to find the chorus/theme that hits the emotions I want to convey, and from there we can start writing lyrics & music! 


Create Each Week: 3

Oh man, we're getting ready to start a sleep plan for our baby, which means "I plan on not sleeping while my child screams every 45min in her crib". Anyway, I made some dumb tweets week:

 Watched Aladdin an couldn't help but think: https://mobile.twitter.com/bobmurrell/status/1086710472546664448

Dad joke #1: https://mobile.twitter.com/bobmurrell/status/1086088778790461440

 Dad joke #2: https://mobile.twitter.com/bobmurrell/status/1086065997348589568