Bob Murrell's debut album "Hey, It's Bob"

available now!



After performing standup around the country and musicals around Southeast Louisiana, Bob Murrell brings the two together for a wild ride through different genres and points in his life with an exploration of how an awkward kid from New Orleans can grow up to be an awkward adult.

"Hey, It's Bob" was recorded live at the Rivertown Theaters for Performing Arts in Kenner, LA with performances by AshleyRose Bailey, Ebony Johnson, Polanco Jones Jr., and Abbey P. Murrell. Featuring his familiarity of musical theater, Murrell staged the very silly hour-long show with twerking, dancing unicorns, standup, and plenty of laughs. 

Recorded live February 24, 2018 at Rivertown Theaters in Kenner, LA. Mastered by Jason Leonard with Lafayette Comedy. Cover by Will Monson and Chris Marroy.